Born in a Stable is a small Friesian and Arabian horse farm in the Finger Lakes region of Western, New York.

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We are a small horse farm in western New York, about 30 miles south of Rochester.

In the mid '90s our horse adventure started with MSA Hope, an Arabian brood mare. 4 of her well-matched foals are now our 4-in-hand carriage team. Each is also a sweet-tempered (though spirited) riding horse, beloved by the grandchildren in the riding ring; safe, sane, and experienced in the fields, woods, hills and streams of our Western Finger Lakes area.

By 2002 we had fallen in love with the graceful, magnificent Friesian breed. Dutchess W., a ster Bartled mare raised by Witteveens in Canada, came to us from Springville, NY. We have raised 3 colts from her by Anne 340.

Our "day job" is a hot air balloon business (see This keeps us very busy on summer weekends, so the only way we get to horse shows is as infrequent spectators. So our horses have no ribbons to show off. Their wonderful personalities, temperament, manners, and training just have to speak for themselves.

Our passion is teaching. We love helping these gentle, powerful creatures become attentive, responsive, trusting partners. They get imprinted at birth, and handled prodigiously as they grow. Around three years old they learn to drive. By 4 years old they are being ridden in preparation for dressage, trail riding, endurance, and starting over fences. They are dog-and grandchild-safe. They go on roads and through water. They experience woods, open fields, and village surroundings. They have a strong foundation of basics for nearly any discipline (with the exception of cattle - the closest cows are the neighbor's dairy. Our horses have seen them but have not worked them.)

Our training techniques and procedures are heavily influenced by the John Lyons training materials as well as police horse "bombproofing" exercises and others.

We hope you will call, and stop by for a prepared to fall in love!!



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