Born in a Stable is a small Friesian and Arabian horse farm in the Finger Lakes region of Western, New York.

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Micaiah T. - 2004 Friesian Gelding - $25,000

Micaiah received daily attention, petting, and sacking out up to weaning stage. Then his dosage of attention and schmoozing decreased to a level of a little more than ferrier
and vet visits. He learned horse manners from the herd.

As a 2-1/2 year old he started training in earnest. He went through the John Lyons ground training, leading to riding basics in dressage and trail riding. Then his training focused on driving - singly and in a pair with Justus. They are a stunning sight, put to
the black Victoria. Their first public appearance was at Lee and Jill's wedding. Since then they have driven in summer and winter, town and country, day and night, sunshine and rain, farm fields and main street parades, wind and water.

Micaiah's conformation and movement are excellent: sloped shoulders, long foreleg, wonderful topline, powerful hindquarters. His walk is excellent with a long, powerful overstep. His trot extends and his canter floats.

Micaiah's personality is really interesting. His is alert to new things. His normal posture is head HIGH and ears pricked. For instance when we first started driving on the road he was skittish about traffic. But with just a little experience and practice, he is now completely unflappable, even with trucks and the neighbor's heavy farm equipment. In other words Micaiah learns new things easily and thoroughly.

When you come to visit ... be prepared to fall in love!

Click HERE for Micaiah's pedigree (pdf file).

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Micaiah T. - 2004 Friesian Gelding

Micaiah T. - 2004 Friesian Gelding

Micaiah T. - 2004 Friesian Gelding

On a really cold day,
bareback is warmer!

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